"Jill and Jennifer gave us the skills, reassurance, and confidence we needed to make the dream of sleep a fast reality. This approach was truly amazing in helping our family to thrive and we are eternally grateful!"

Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor, Actors

"Sleepy Planet's mellow techniques got our baby snoozin' thru the night...wheeewww! What a relief. Thanks!

Jack Black, Actor

"Our twins were up constantly at night until we found the Sleepeasy Solution. Thank you for giving us the sleep we'd been dreaming of!"

Marcia Cross, Actor

Monthly Archives: April 2012

Transitioning from 3 Naps to 2 Naps

(This is Part 1 of our three-part series on nap transitions.) To determine whether your child is truly transitioning from 3 to 2 naps, make sure to rule out acute teething (cutting a tooth through the gum), illness, a brand-new motor milestone (such as crawling), or other circumstances that would temporarily affect naps (such as […]

Tips for Spring Holiday Travel

Ah, the first holiday break for the year. While you’re likely excited about spending the time with friends and family, you’re probably not looking forward to the miles of driving or crowded airports. If you’re traveling with children in the coming weeks, here are some tips to keep the spring in your step. Pack less […]